US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Shultz and his team recently visited Zikomo Safari Camp to meet and greet Victoria, and some of our team in South Luangwa. His wife and two boys and his staff joined Victoria and Zick and Zikomo Camp staff for lunch.

Ambassador Shultz was appointed to his post last year after a distinguished career in the Senior Foreign Service with his last appointment in the Ukraine. He has also served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe and held a position in Madagascar in addition to many other foreign service roles around the globe.

A conservationist at heart, the Ambassador was eager to learn about what we are doing to safeguard wildlife and wild lands in Eastern Zambia. He was particularly eager to begin correspondence with Dr. Tom Snitch who serves on our board and is a leader and visionary in the elephant conservation arena. We shared that Dr. Snitch, through his innovative work with unmanned aerial vehicles, which he deploys in the war against poaching, is making leaps and bounds in the war against poachers.

One of the other things we talked about was how important it is to conduct capacity buildling for local people to complement our high tech anti-poaching program.  Poverty is pervasive in the area and if Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation can help develop opportunities for people to embrace alternative livelihoods, we can not only reduce poverty on a local level, but we can reduce the incentive to poach wildlife for bush meat. 

In the wake of the tragic loss of Cecil the Lion in neighboring Zimbabwe, discussion turned to trophy hunting and the larger issue of conserving Zambia's wildlife and promotion of the ecotourism industry. We want to be champions for ecotourism and reduce the reliance on trophy hunting as a source of revenue, which often ends up in the wrong hands or just a few hands.  We look forward to cultivating a relationship with Ambassador Schultz and his team and we are so honored that he visited Zikomo Safari Camp. Here is Ambassador Shultz's website: http://zambia.usembassy.gov/ambassador.html

Dr. Jordan Schaul is a board member of NWCF and a former contributor to National Geographic's editorial news publication News Watch



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03/24/2017 8:42pm

It was nice to know that Ambassador Shultz has been doing something that will make your camp and community happy and satisfied. It was really nice to know that there is someone like him who cares too much for people like you. I would also like to visit your camp someday. I believe that I will learn a lot from your community. As for now, I must say that I admire the Ambassador for doing his job very well.

09/05/2017 7:44am

I am happy to know that a person who's obviously busy with a lot of things to do made time to visit Safari Camp to check Victoria and other animals there if they are doing right. US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Shultz deserves nothing but love from Zambian people! He's been known for his kind heart who will always stick to his promises. It's a good thing that he saw the current situation of the camp so that he will know what to do if he saw something that has to be improved.

09/08/2017 2:56am

Once in a while, these people have to see the current situation of Safari Camp. There are major changes that happened, and it's a good thing that US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Shultz saw it personally. Obviously he cares for these animals, and he deserve the love of Zambian people. He may be a bit busy, but it's a sure thing that he will make time for the things that matter!

01/30/2017 1:23am

Camping on weekend is good outing for us and here we can read the picnic. I also refer the picnic because open air is important for our life and mind. Open air is provide oxygen and it is good for kids and especially for old peoples.


I think that this camp is a great place. I would like to visit it this year.

05/19/2017 10:44am

Pretty cool post. It’s truly very nice and beneficial post.Thanks for sharing this with us!it is my first stop by.

11/16/2017 10:33pm

Would love to be there and experience the real wildlife adventures.

02/11/2018 9:33pm

I've never been to Zikomo Safari Camp, but I've read different reviews about the place. To see the said camp is really a dream of mine. The ecosystem and environment of Zikomo Safari Camp is really abundant and striving and it is really a good place for wild animals to live and breed in. The wild habitats in Namibia are really full of wild animals and plantations. I just hope that all people will learn how to give importance to our environment.


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