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PRESS RELEASE: Celebrity wildlife conservationist and the host of ABC’s Emmy-nominated wildlife program The Wildlife Docs has joined Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation as a board member.

The actress and comedian has spent time in both Africa and Asia with elephants and champions causes that benefit the sentient species. She has showcased conservation efforts around the world and in North America from the elusive pine marten in Michigan (her home state) to the savannah elephants of East Africa. Rachel is poised to bring a platform and a passion to Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation, which develops, administers and manages conservation initiatives for Zikomo Safari Camp located in the Nsefu sector of South Luangwa National Park in Eastern Zambia.

Before joining the show filmed at Busch Gardens Tampa, Reenstra hosted “Ms. Adventure”, a show on Animal Planet, which took her to some of the world’s most remote places. She holds a graduate degree in psychology, which helps her interpret animal behavior for national televison audiences. Reenstra launched her entertainment career as a comedian in the 1990’s after relocating from Michigan to Los Angeles.

Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation

Mission: NSEFU Wildlife Conservation Foundation endeavors to combat wildlife crimes with advances in conservation technology and grassroots action.  Through education and outreach, and pioneering innovations used to protect and prevent the further destruction of ecosystems and the depopulation of species, NWCF intends to be a steward of nature in Zambia. 




01/20/2017 5:03am

Birds are beautiful creation of God and mostly peoples keep in home. But we should give freedom of bids and parrot is beautiful bird. We can get information on world wild though blogs.

06/08/2017 8:11pm

The ecosystem is an environment in which different living things interact with one another. Sadly, there are things that cause the destruction of it. Anyway, it's good to see people who still have concern for animals and wildlife. I hope many people would realize the importance of wildlife conservation. Good luck to your mission.

08/31/2017 7:06am

It's great knowing that more and more celebrities and famous people are engaging in wildlife conservation and protecting the environment. They serve as a leader to the common people and should be dedicated to their promises in helping preserve the environment of humans and animals. People should also engage in such activities, because the future of our children is at stake. If we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the wonders of the world, we should start preserving it. We should start now!

03/11/2017 4:20am

Cool! I'd like to spend my time with elephants too! I will visit Asia one day.

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