Our mission has been announced to the world on NBC Nightly News this past Friday!  This is happening at surprisingly swiftness, and we are incredibly gracious for the attention this has garnered.  We are going to save these beautiful creatures and stop this poaching epidemic!


02/05/2017 4:56am

Animals are beautiful part of this world but many peoples are dislike them. But it is not good behavior for them and many peoples are working for them on international level. This video is very interesting for me and kids.

10/20/2017 8:50am

Your initiative has paid off well. I am glad that rhinos are much safer now because of your efforts. The method you used to catch poachers is really unique. I know that many technological advances were created to make the lives of people better but I would have never thought that it can help out animals in the wild as well. This is a really creative use of technology. I hope this program expands so that not only rhinos can be protected using drone technology but other endangered species as well.

06/30/2017 7:54pm

NSEFU's mission is so good that it makes me wanting to be part of that. Rhinos deserve to have a good life in the first place, and these poachers should be punished! They don't really help the environment since all their actions are against humanity. By the way, I really wanted to help. Is there any possible way I can extend my hand for you guys? I would do anything to be part of this mission.

09/08/2017 1:53am

I failed to watch NBC Nightly News and saw the announcement of your mission, that's why I see it as a good thing that you've posted the video here. I am happy to know that there are so many ways people can do to fight these poachers. They are abusive and they should be stopped. Animals have suffered too much from them. On the other side, I am happy to know that there's a new use for drones. I hope there will be couples of development to be unfolded soon!

09/09/2017 12:10am

Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL..

09/10/2017 1:14am

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09/10/2017 7:35am

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