Shot from helicopters and hacked to death with chainsaws: Soldiers of bloodthirsty African warlord Joseph Kony murder elephants at record rate - because a single tusk can be traded for 18,000 bullets
  • Elephant poaching at Garamba Park is increasing at an unprecedented rate
  • More than 130 elephants slaughtered for tusks in southern region in a year 
  • Lord’s Resistance Army is killing them and trading their tusks for bullets
  • They are valued between £13,300 and £117,000 depending on their size
  • Population in the region could be 'entirely decimated' if problem continues


03/19/2017 4:37am

This is saddening. I hope that the African government would implement necessary laws and impose penalties so that this deed would stop. The pictures are heart-wrenching. The people who did these to those elephants should be held accountable. The government should be aware that these elephants are murdered by greedy people.

10/20/2017 10:56pm

How could they do this to these poor animals? What happens when they kill all the elephants in that region? Will they go killing other animals as well just to satisfy their need for money and violence? People who do these kinds of crimes should be imprisoned. These animals' lives have value too. They are not just some show piece or a piece of product you can barter for your own selfish desires. I hope that crimes like this will be brought to justice and that elephants are to be protected so that their species can live longer.

06/24/2017 11:15pm

I'm so sad to see pictures of elephant. We need to save them


Very inspirational to hear about someone pursuing their dream and becoming successful instead of following the traditional path.


What are these? It is so sad that some of the wild life today are little by little dying. Who are we to blame? Is it because of the natural means or just because of the little care of the people about our nature today? We cannot really take care of them personally. But by means of protecting the nature where they live, we can extend our hands to them and feed them as if we are feeding them with our own hands and touch.

10/06/2017 2:37am

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