"Prices have already reached unprecedented heights, with ivory commanding more than $1,000 per kilogram in Beijing, while rhino horn fetches more than 20 times that figure—far more precious than gold or cocaine"

"The fact is that elephants, rhinos, and other 'charismatic megafauna' are essential to sub-Saharan Africa’s vital tourism industries"

The story Newsweek has is a success story of bringing rhinos back to Zambia. It also talks about the potential for restoring them to other parks in Zambia including South Luangwa where both Zikomo Safari and Nsefu Wildlife are located. 

It is a story of hope in a time where we see little reason to do so. We wish them continued success!

See the story HERE at http://www.newsweek.com/economics-extinction-africas-elephants-and-rhinos-danger-63141



03/24/2017 5:43pm


05/12/2017 12:43am

Thousands of thousands of animal species are actually on an alarming rate of extinction right now. Some haven't quite made it and it's just so sad that some people are still unaware of this reality. This is the aftermath of everything we've done to the nature. These are all of our faults. We are all responsible for all of these failures so, it's also our responsibility to end this phenomena as soon as possible. If we don't act now, it could also be the end of us. We should stop taking advantage of what the nature, as well as the animals could give us. We shouldn't be greedy to the gifts that God has given to us. I hope this article could be a platform to raise an awareness to everyone of what's really happening in our environment. I hope you continue to inspire and educate more people about this kind of issue.

03/25/2017 1:21am

I think one of the most effective solutions there is to catch those Chinese who are buying ivories from Elephants and Rhinos. There's no one who will hunt or sell neither if there's no one who will buy. Also, I hope that the Government that have the issues should implement stricter policies and prevail a heavier fine for those who will still violate. In addition, if the personnel assigned to the issue can't solve the problem, immediately replace them who are brave enough and can stand for their position. This is a serious threat not only for us humans, but also for the diversity of the animals.

05/11/2017 6:33pm

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08/19/2017 1:46pm

That's horrible! We should try to save them. It's extremely important! I support you.

11/20/2017 1:25am

The threat is real and if we genuinely don't act quickly enough, severe things could end up happening. I hope that they become abundant enough soon again.

11/22/2017 9:04am

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