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03/29/2017 10:58pm

Children is desire to going the zoo for watching the different type of animals and enjoy. School arrange the tour for little student and then going to zoo for children entertainment. Children is so happy for this type of activates.

08/30/2017 2:49am

Zikomo Safari seems to be a good place and tourist friendly. Based on the pictures, animals look healthy and happy. I think the safari gives the necessary care for different animals in there. I noticed that you took photos of the animals in their convenient habitat and it convinced me that these animals are free to roam in their own habitat. Zikomo Safari must continue its service and must aim to protect the rights and give the necessary needs and care of these animals.

07/03/2017 6:01am

Zikomo Safari seems to be a very different place from the last time I've seen it. The animals look so afraid. They seem to be bothered. What could be the reason behind this? I hope they are still able to live a peaceful life. After all, they deserve it. The giraffes and elephants look so tired. I was a bit sad when I saw the photos. I hope the government or concerned people will do something for this.


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