Saturday March 14th,2015 was the beginning of NSEFU Wildlife reaching the masses. We had a fantastic turnout of fellow animal protectors and warriors-of-good...getting together to plan and strategise the multi-level needs of making an anti-poaching campaign successful. The vision of supporting Zambians in combatting poaching with state of the art technology and resources is our plan for success.  Yet this will truly take a village. Amazing people like Chuck and Judy Wheatley, Sarah Beebe, Carrie Anderson, Amber Holmes, Jane Asher Reaney, Leigh Ann Bearce, Amy Bramy, Steve Mindrup, Kady Clark, Shelly Waddell, Tammy Rimes, Michael Rosenblatt, The Coiners, Steve and Kris Tally,Peggy Buffo, Jonathan Gates, Monique Frace, Mitch Rand, Victoria and David Wallace, and Coe Lewis all getting together, discussing issues, coming up with ways to tackle local poverty, job creation and all of it worth like hand-in-glove to protect natural resources and empowering the community to STOP POACHING.

Coming soon...."Wine Saving Wildlife". Beautiful wines from Hacienda de las Rosas will be our vintner for our series of wines available in 6 weeks.  The original artwork for the labels was created by visionary artist Michael Rosenblatt, who is also on the NSEFU Advisory Board.  Give beautiful and important wine as gifts for friends, family and clients.  Give a thoughtful gift that actually saves wildlife. Everyone wins!!

Be involved, and help us help them! Make a donation today payable to: NSEFU WILDLIFE c/o 10171 Silva Road, El Cajon, CA 92021.  See YOUR hard earned money in actual progress on the ground with rangers and in the sky with drones.  TEAM NSEFU NEEDS YOU!


03/18/2016 4:51am

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08/03/2017 11:36pm

Poaching shouldn't be happening in the first place. It's really a sad fact that there are people who are still up for this activity not knowing they are one of the reasons why our environment is slowly losing its beauty. On the hand, I'm happy to know that there are groups of people who are eager in helping NSEFU Wildlife. I hope more and more people will support the organization!

01/23/2017 2:16am

Series of wines? Do you really have such series?

05/01/2017 3:00am

Like doing somethiing good! I'd like to join you and help them!

05/18/2017 2:20am

It's very cool that you're helping them! I've helped you, check that ;)

11/23/2017 2:15am

Interesting!! I never considered it that way. I came across this site as of late which I suppose it will be an incredible utilization of new plans and informations.


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